Pricing / Usage Fees FAQ

Do you need my credit card to pay for my store?

No. (See below.)

Do you need me to sign up for a PayPal subscription to pay for my store?

No. (See below.)

So, how do I pay for my store?

Your store has a balance. Every charge, like a monthly charge, digital download charge, or ticket selling charge, gets added to your balance.

If you're using the default "Pay as You Earn" payment method, when a sale comes into your store that is less than or equal to your balance, that sale triggers an automatic payment from your PayPal account to pay down your balance. You don't need a credit card when using this payment method, everything happens automatically. If for some reason you don't have enough sales to pay down your balance, we will ask you to switch to Pay on a Schedule. See below for what that means.

If you're using the optional "Pay on a Schedule" payment method, your sales won't be used to pay down your store's balance. Instead, your saved credit card will be charged monthly on your "Open For Business" day, to clear your balance. You'll be emailed a payment summary when it happens. To turn on "Pay on a Schedule", go to your store's settings area and click "Change Payment Method" across from "Current Usage". Your card will be charged the amount on your store's balance when switching to this payment method, and then monthly on your "Open For Business" day.

Can I switch my payment method whenever I want?

Yes! You can switch your payment method between "Pay as You Earn" and "Pay on a Schedule" at any time from your store's Settings area. Just click the "Change Payment Method" link.

Is there a trial? When do I start paying?

You don't start paying your monthly product usage fee until you open your store for business for the first time. This means you can take as long as you need to get your store set up.

Where can I see my current balance?

You can see your current balance, as well as any charges and payments, by clicking the "View Balance" link in the "Settings" area of your dashboard.

Does my customer ever see you in a transaction?

No, that would be terrible! Your customer only pays you. You only pay us. Every one of your sales will be in your own PayPal account.

Do I pay for digital items I give away for free?

No, if you give away a digital item for free, we won't charge you when your customer redeems it.

What if I do a "name your own price" digital item?

If you do a "name your own price" digital item with a minimum of 0, we'll only charge you if your customer gives you more than 0.

How do your Ticket Selling fees work?

Our ticket selling fee of 25 cents per ticket, is added to your customer's cart under a "Service Fee" line item and then added to their total checkout amount. Your customer pays you the fees, and then we add that same amount to your store's balance (see above). You then pay us just like you would for any other fee, whether it's through sales, or if you have your credit card entered and are paying us on a schedule.

What if I only want to sell tickets to shows. Do I still have to pay the monthly fee?

No! If you only want to sell tickets to shows, then we will not charge you the monthly fee. No matter how many shows you list, shows aren't counted toward your product count. You will however still be charged the Ticket Selling fee of $0.25 per ticket. In addition, if you do decide to list a product to sell, your balance will be charged the prorated monthly fee amount for that month, and then the next month, you will be charged the full monthly amount.

Can I close my store at any time?

Yes. You can read the instructions here.

What am I waiting for?

I have no idea. Sign up here!