Customer Experience When Buying Tickets

When buying tickets to one of your Shows, your customers's purchase experience is very similar to the experience when buying a regular product from your store. However, there are slight differences.

  • When only purchasing tickets, similar to a digital only order, your customers will not be asked to select their country because shipping isn't charged.
  • Unlike a digital only product order, your customers will be able to increase the quantity of the ticket purchase so they can purchase more than 1.
  • Unlike a digital only product order, PayPal will request your customer's shipping address. This is necessary to have your customer's name and address on their will call list.
  • After paying, your customer will be given a notice in their cart saying that the order was a success and that their name will be added to the will call list and that they should bring identification.
  • In the email confirmation that is sent to every customer after every purchase (products or tickets), any related Show and Venue details will be included. The Show's name, date and start time, and the Venue's name and address will be included in the email. Additionally, a link to Google Maps will be included in the email so your customer can easily get directions. Finally, another note about their name being added to the will call list be included in the confirmation email.
  • An order that only includes tickets being purchased will be flagged as "Digitally Delivered" in the order confirmation email and will appear in the "Digitally Delivered" section of your store's admin's "Sales" area.
  • 24 hours before the Show's start, any customers that have already purchased tickets will be sent a reminder email with the Show's details. This email, like their order confirmation email, may be brought to the Show by your customer. However, the email will still ask them to bring identification.

Note: As a store manager, you can optionally enable your own 24 hour reminder emails by going to your store's admin's "Settings" area and clicking the "Change Notification Settings" link across from "User Account". The email sent to you will include the Show and Venue details, as well as a link to the Interactive Will Call List for that Show.