Selling Tickets in a Store "Category" Like Products

Shows aren't regular Products and they don't appear in regular Store Categories. For example, since Shows come and go, they aren't sorted alongside Products in your "All" category. When you start selling Tickets, you're asked to pick a Page name for your Shows. After picking a name, a special Page is added to your admin area's "Storefront" > "Pages" section.

Since some themes have separate sections for Pages and Store Categories, you may want to put a "Tickets" link in with your categories section and remove it from the pages section. You can do this with our support for Full Custom HTML.

Here are two possible approaches:

  1. Click into the "Storefront" > "Theme" section of your store's admin area.
  2. Click the "HTML / CSS" button on your Theme.
  3. Click "Edit" across from your default.html layout file.
  4. Find the sidebar section where you list category links. It may be something like {% for category in store.categories %} ... {% endif %}.
  5. Add another link at the bottom, below the for loop, that points to your Shows or Tickets page.
  6. Click "Save", "Done Editing", and "Back to Themes".
  7. Click "Storefront" > "Pages", find your Shows page, click "Edit".
  8. Uncheck the "allow theme to display link" checkbox and click "Save".

This will ensure your Shows page is hidden from the regular list of pages, but a new link in your categories section will point your visitors to the correct Page.

If you'd rather have a Tickets "Category" link that isn't at the bottom of the list and is sorted somewhere in the middle of your Categories list, you can do the following:

  1. Click into the "Storefront" > "Categories" section of your store's admin area.
  2. Create a new "Tickets" category.
  3. Follow the steps above to find the {% for category in store.categories %} for loop.
  4. Within that for loop, check if the category is your new "Tickets" category by doing something like {% if == 'Tickets' %}.
  5. Within your new if statement, add a link to your Shows page. Else, display the normal category link.

With this second approach, you can then reorder your placeholder "Tickets" category from your "Storefront" > "Categories" section. But you shouldn't try and add any Products to this Category from the product editor, because you aren't displaying a link to the a regular category's page.