Using My Own Custom Domain

Important: Due to privacy concerns, we can't help you set up your custom domain on your DNS provider's end.


  1. You must already own a domain. If you don't already own a domain, we recommend Namecheap.
  2. You must be able to manage the DNS records for your domain.

Option 1: Ex.

  1. Create a subdomain for "store" (or whatever you want to use).
  2. Point the subdomain's CNAME to "".

Option 2: Ex.

  1. Create a subdomain for "www".
  2. Point the "www" subdomain's CNAME to "".
  3. Create a permanent URL Redirect from "" to "".

Note: If your registrar doesn't support URL redirects, you can use a redirect service like To use wwwizer, create an A record for "" and point it to This will redirect all traffic to "".

After Your DNS is Configured

  1. You may have to wait a bit. It could take up to 72 hours before your DNS changes start working.
  2. Confirm your DNS is working. You'll know your DNS is setup and working correctly because when you go to your custom domain, it will show a Limited Run page that says "Your domain is correctly pointing at Limited Run".
  3. After your DNS is working, go to your store's admin area ( and then click "Settings".
  4. Check the "use a custom domain" box and enter your custom domain like "".
  5. Click the "Test Domain" button, if it's working, you'll see a green check mark appear.
  6. Click "Save".

Existing URLs & Your Admin Area

Please note that your existing, URLs will continue working. Additionally, you will continue accessing your store's admin area at, not