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Configuring Shipping Prices with Weighted Shipping

By default, your store comes with our Simple Shipping system. Simple Shipping is the easiest way to configure shipping prices across your various products types and locations.

If you'd like additional control over your shipping prices, you can install the Weighted Shipping app. With Weighted Shipping, you can assign a specific weight to each type of product in your store, and then set prices across multiple weight tiers & methods. It's perfect for fans that check out with a lot of products at once, because you can factor in as many price breaks as you'd like.

To get started with Weighted Shipping, follow these steps:

  • Go into your dashboard by signing in on the homepage.
  • Click "App Store" on the top right.
  • Click "Install" on the "Weighted Shipping" app.
  • Click "Inventory" in the dashboard navigiation.
  • Click the gear icon on the left and then click "Manage Shipping".
  • Click the "Weighted Shipping" tab.

From the "Weighted Shipping" tab, you'll see your existing shipping profiles. First, add a weight to each profile. After that, use the "New Location" button to configure price tiers for each shipping method you'd like to offer to your customers. When you're done, click the "Switch to Weighted Shipping" button on the top right and your new weighted shipping configuration will be live.

Packaging Weight

To tune your shipping prices even further, you can optionally set a packaging weight on each of your Shipping Profiles. Then, if someone buys 3 LPs from you, they only pay for the packing material weight once. If you had factored that weight into the weight of the LP, then they'd be paying that weight 3 times.

Additionally, if there are two types of products in a cart, like a T-Shirt and an LP, and those have different packaging weights (say 0.5 lbs for a T-Shirt and 0.25 lbs for an LP), then only the heavier weight is added to the total weight of the cart.

Setting Lower & Upper Bound Limits

In certain circumstances, you may not be able to, or want to, use a particular shipping method for orders below or above a certain weight. For example, USPS's Priority Shipping has a minimum shipping weight. To disable the 0 weight tier or the infinity weight tier of a weighted shipping rule, simply uncheck the box next to the weight.

Making Certain Shipping Methods Unavailable for Certain Product Types

In certain circumstances, you may not be able to, or want to, use a particular shipping method for a specific type of product. For example, USPS's Media Mail prohibits certain types of items, like t-shirts. To prevent a particular shipping method from being available to customers purchasing certain types of products, edit the Shipping Profile in question, check the box next to "this type of product can't be shipped with certain methods" and then select the Shipping Methods that you don't want available.

Please note that you must ensure there is some overlap in shipping methods available across product types or else your customers won't be able to check out. For example, if you're selling LPs and T-Shirts, and you support shipping via USPS Media Mail and USPS Priority, but you can't ship T-Shirts via USPS Media Mail, do not make USPS Priority unavailable for your LP's Shipping Profile. If you were to do this and your customer attempted to purchase a T-Shirt and LP at the same time, there wouldn't be any compatible Shipping Methods (one ships only via Priority and the other only Media Mail). Instead, you would only want to make Media Mail unavailable for T-Shirts and leave it so that LPs may be shipped via Media Mail or Priority. This would ensure that if your customer attempted to purchase only an LP, they would have the option between Media Mail or Priority, but if they were to add a T-Shirt to the cart, they would still have the option to have their order ship via Priority and the Media Mail option would no longer be available.