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Digital Only - No Fees For Month of May

What is a Digital Only sale?

When creating a product, in the shipping drop down of the variation you need to select Digital Only No Shipping. This will tell the system that you're only selling a digital product, and no fees will be calculated for any purchase of this variation.

What if the Digital is in a physical product bundle?

Fees are calculated for the end price of the bundle, not for the individual items, so a bundle that contains Digital will still get charged.

What if someone buys a T-Shirt and a Digital release at the same time, but they're not a bundle, do I still get charged?

If the T-Shirt and the Digital release aren't bundled, then you won't get charged a fee for the Digital release.

It's very important that you select Digital Only - No Shipping in that drop down. If you don't it will take the 5% fee. Thanks