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Reporting Sales to SoundScan

Step 1: Install the SoundScan Reporting App

  1. Go to your store's admin area.
  2. Click "App Store" in the dashboard navigation.
  3. Install the "SoundScan Reporting" app.

Step 2: Configure SoundScan Releases & Codes

  1. Click the "Apps" > "SoundScan Reporting" menu item.
  2. Click the "New Release" button.
  3. Add the artist's name and the title of the album or single.
  4. Add the release date. Note that pre-sales are reported to SoundScan on the day after the release date.
  5. In the "Album or Single UPC/EAN Codes" section, click the "Select a Format..." drop down and select the format of your first code.
  6. Choose UPC or EAN and enter the code on that line.
  7. Add any additional codes, for this release, to this section.
  8. Add ISRCs for digital tracks in the "Track ISRC Codes (Digital Only)" section below. Note that each ISRC must be related to an existing UPC or EAN code from above.
  9. After you've configured your release, click "Save" at the bottom.

Step 3: Configure Product Variations for SoundScan Reporting

  1. Click "Inventory" in the dashboard navigation.
  2. Click "Edit" next to the Product you want to report.
  3. Scroll down the Variations section and click "Report to SoundScan" in a Variation's gear menu.
  4. From the "Select a SoundScan Code to Report" overlay, click on the UPC, EAN, or ISRC you want to associate with the Variation.
  5. Click "Okay" to close the overlay.
  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the Product editor.

After you've completed the three steps above, your sales will be automatically reported to SoundScan each day.

When Are Sales Reported?

As of Tuesday, July 7th, 2015, SoundScan requires sales to reported daily, rather than weekly. So, your sales are reported to SoundScan the following morning. For example, sales from July 6th are reported on the morning of July 7th. Sales from July 7th are reported on the morning of July 8th.

What About Pre-Sales?

SoundScan requires all pre-sales to be reported on the first day following the release date. The album release date is very important, so please make sure it's accurate, when configuring SoundScan Releases in your store's dashboard. If, for example, your album's release date is July 10th, and you start pre-selling it on July 3rd, all sales from July 3rd through July 10th will be reported on the morning of July 11th. All sales for July 11th will be reported on July 12th, sales for July 12th will be reported on the 13th, and so on.

What Sales Are Reported?

Currently, only US sales will be reported to SoundScan.

Does Limited Run Provide UPC / EAN / ISRCs?

No. You can obtain codes from a number of places, such as TuneCore and CD Baby.

Does Limited Run Register UPC / EAN / ISRCs?

No. To register your codes with SoundScan, please do so from their Title Registration or ISRC Registration pages.

Does Limited Run Validate My UPC / EAN / ISRCs?

No. SoundScan does not provide a way for codes to be validated. Please be sure you've entered your codes correctly or your sales won't be accepted by SoundScan.