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Subscribing to News Feeds for Posts

After Creating a News or Blog Section, your storefront will automatically get a news feed of your posts. That news feed is available by appending ".xml" to the end of your news page. If your news page is, then your news feed is located at

If you're using a default theme, then your news feed will be auto-discoverable by most feed readers.

If you have a custom theme and want to add auto-discovery for your news feed, you can add the following to the <head></head> section of your default.html layout:

{% if %}
  <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="{{ }} - {{ }} Feed" href="{{ store.url }}{{ }}.xml"/>
{% endif %}

If you'd like to add a visible "News Feed / RSS" link to your news page, you can do so like:

<a href="{{ store.url }}{{ }}.xml">News Feed / RSS</a>