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Accepting Payments FAQ

What payment gateways do you guys support?

We currently support both PayPal and Stripe.

How does that work?

You add your PayPal address to the "PayPal Email" section in your settings area and / or connect your Stripe account using the "Enable Credit Cards" button, and then when customers buy something in your store, the money goes directly into your account. If your customer chooses to pay you with their PayPal account, the money will be in your PayPal account. And if your customer decides to pay you with a credit card, then the money will be in your Stripe account.

What currencies do you support with PayPal?

We currently support over 20 currencies with PayPal. To see a list of those currencies, and how to add one, please take a look at this help doc:

What currencies do you support with Stripe?

To have a Stripe account you need to be located in either the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, or a beta country (see below). If you're in a non-beta country, you can simply click the "Connect With Stripe" button from the settings area of your store's dashboard, fill out the short Stripe form, and you'll be accepting credit cards in just a few seconds.

In addition to the above countries, Stripe is often beta testing in a number of additional countries. To see what other countries may be available, please visit Stripe's Global Page. If your country is listed as a beta country, you can request access by using the "Get Notified" form on the top right of that page. Once they've added you to the beta, you'll be able to add credit card processing from your store's dashboard.

What countries can I accept payments from with Stripe?

Don't worry, your customers can be located anywhere in the world and still pay you. They don't need to be located in the US or Canada.

Who can accept payments with Stripe?

Anyone! With our Stripe integration, you don't need to know any code or be a developer, you just need to click a button in your store's dashboard. It's that simple.

Does Stripe work with "Pay as You Earn"?

Currently, our "Pay as You Earn" payment method is only compatible with Stripe accounts using the USD currency. If you're using a non-USD currency and Stripe, you can switch to our "Pay on a Schedule" payment method to enable Stripe.