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Creating Subscriber Groups

Subscriber Groups is the most powerful feature in Newsletter. It makes us unique in the world of Newsletter systems and platforms.

What are Subscriber Groups?

These are slices of your subscribers that fit into a certain condition that you specify. For instance, everyone who bought your last album, would be a subscriber group. And you could create that group very easily:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Newsletter
  3. Manage Subscribers
  4. New Group
  5. Automatic
  6. Name the Group
  7. Choose the type of condition you want. In the above example you'd want the Product, Bundle, Gift Card. Then choose the product.

Once you've created that group, any time someone buys that product, the customer will be automatically added to that group, because you created an "Automatic" group. This will be 99% of the groups you create. You can create as many type of groups you'd like.

What does Any or All mean?

If you have multiple conditions, you can make that group need to match all the conditions you create, or just 1 of the conditions. For instance, maybe you want to email everyone who ordered your last 2 albums. Make those two album conditions, then click All in the dropdown, would mean that the subscriber would need to have ordered both of those albums to be in the group. If you selected Any, then would only need to have ordered 1 of the 2.