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Getting Started

When getting started with Newsletter there's a couple things that must be done first. Newsletter Template must be made before you can create a campaign. Dashboard Newsletter Manage Templates New Template, Choose your template Newsletter Settings mus Continue Reading »

Creating a Campaign

Starting a new campaign Dashboard Newsletter New Campaign Select Template or create a new one After clicking new campaign you'll be in the 3 creation screens. Screen 1 is initial setup. What's the email subject, who are you sending it to, etc. Screen Continue Reading »

Importing Subscribers (Email Addresses)

Importing Subscribers is extremely easy. Dashboard Newsletter Manage Subscribers Gear Icon Import Subscribers The only way to import subscribers is via csv. The possible import values are as follows: Email, First Name, Last Name, Street Address 1, S Continue Reading »

Creating Subscriber Groups

Subscriber Groups is the most powerful feature in Newsletter. It makes us unique in the world of Newsletter systems and platforms. What are Subscriber Groups? These are slices of your subscribers that fit into a certain condition that you specify. For i Continue Reading »

Newsletter Subscribe Form

Dashboard Newsletter Manage Subscribers Gear Icon Subscriber Forms In this screen you get 2 options. The first is an embed that you can put anywhere on your store and/or on a site not hosted by Limited Run. The second option is an overlay subscriber f Continue Reading »

No Editable Content in Template Screen

Some templates that are imported from MailChimp have a different editable content html in them. We're working on a fix for that, but for now, you can very easily change it manually. Here's an example: When you see lines like this /* @tab Header @section Continue Reading »