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Custom Theme Fields

You can enable Custom Theme Fields from the App Store area of your store's admin section.

Custom Theme Fields are currently supported in the following areas:

  • Products
  • Shows (Events)
  • Categories
  • News Items
  • History Items
  • Roster Items

To configure custom fields, go into a Product, Show, Category, News Item, History Item, or Roster Item editor and scroll to the "Configure Custom Theme Fields" link and click it. You'll see an overlay where you can set your fields up. If you add a field to Products, that field will instantly appear in every Product editor.

For example, you can add "Artist Name" and "Album Name" fields to your Products. Each field has a label, like "Artist Name" and an associated, unique key, like "artist-name".

After you've configured your fields and entered values in your products, you can access these values from your custom HTML theme like so:

{{ product.custom['album-name'] }} by {{ product.custom['artist-name'] }}

The same .custom['key'] syntax may be used on your product, category, news item, history item, and roster item objects.

There are currently four types of fields available:

  • checkbox - Useful for logic statements like {% if product.custom['preorder'] %}This is a preorder!{% endif %}
  • image - This is a simple textfield with an attached "Upload Image" button. Click the "Upload Image" button, choose an image, and a publicly accessible URL for the image you uploaded will appear in the textfield.
  • textfield - This is a simple text field and shouldn't be used for HTML.
  • textarea - This is a longer text area and should be used for long amounts of text and HTML snippets.

Important Notes:

  • Once you've created a checkbox, image, or textarea field, that field's type can't be changed. The only field's type that can be changed is a textfield, and that can only be changed to a textarea in case you'd like to extend the length available.
  • If you delete a field from the "Configure Custom Theme Fields" overlay and click "Save", that field will be removed from all associated objects and cannot be undone. Even if you recreate the field using the same key, the existing values on your objects can't be recovered. If you click "delete" in the overlay and change your mind before clicking "Save", click "Cancel" and the field will remain.

Filtering by Custom Theme Fields

When using a checkbox custom theme field, you can easily filter News Items, History Items, and Roster Items, by appending a ?filter={{ checkbox_field_key }} to the URL. For example, say you've installed the News app at /news and you've configured custom theme fields on news items to include three checkboxes with the keys: releases, signings, and tours. Whenever you're posting a news item about an upcoming tour, you would check the tours custom theme field checkbox. Whenever you're posting a news item about an upcoming release, you'd check the releases checkbox. Then, from your storefront, you can see all news items by going to /news, you can see all tour items by going to /news?filter=tours, and all release items by going to /news?filter=releases.