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Advanced Storefront Customization

Using My Own Custom Domain

Important: Due to privacy concerns, we can't help you set up your custom domain on your DNS provider's end. Requirements You must already own a domain. If you don't already own a domain, we recommend Namecheap. You must be able to manage the DNS record Continue Reading »

Changing a Theme's HTML

Go to your store's admin area. Click "Storefront" > "Theme" in the dashboard navigation. If the "HTML / CSS" button is disabled, first click the "Duplicate" button. This will make a copy of your Theme so that you can safely make changes, knowing you'l Continue Reading »

Designing a New Theme in Secret

Go to your store's admin area. Click "Storefront" > "Theme" in the dashboard navigation. Click the "Duplicate" button next to the Theme you want to redesign. Find the duplicate Them you just created and click use the "HTML / CSS" and "Options" section Continue Reading »

Custom Theme Fields

You can enable Custom Theme Fields from the App Store area of your store's admin section. Custom Theme Fields are currently supported in the following areas: Products Shows (Events) Categories News Items History Items Roster Items To configure custo Continue Reading »

Anatomy of a Theme

If you have any questions, please send us a message. Every Theme is made up of many Assets and each Asset is one of many types: layout stylesheet javascript template snippet config layouts Every Theme must have a default.html layout. A layout con Continue Reading »

Changing The Number of Products Shown Per Page

First, read our "Changing a Theme's HTML" help doc. Following the instructions in the above help doc, click "Edit" next to your Theme's "index.html" asset. If you want to change the number of products shown per page, you can do so by changing the number Continue Reading »

Using a Specific Category of Products on My Front Page

Create the Category you'd like to use for your front page. For example, the "Featured" category. Find the URL of the Category by going to the Inventory > Gear Icon > Manage Categories section of your store's admin dashboard and clicking "View" acro Continue Reading »

Hosting Images & Fonts

While developing a custom theme, you may need a place to host small images and font files. You can upload these small files to us for hosting by first going to a Theme Asset editor (Storefront > Theme > HTML / CSS > Edit) and then clicking either Continue Reading »

Related Products

Please Note: This help doc relates to our Custom Theme Fields doc. Familiarize yourself with that first, before proceeding. First create a hidden category for each set of related products. So if you had some product, you could create the "Related Somethi Continue Reading »

Google Analytics Integration

Go into your store admin section. Select "Storefront" from the navigation. Select "Theme" from the drop down menu. Select the "Options" button. Scroll down to where is says "Google Analytics Tracking ID:" Enter the ID from your Google Analytics Account. Continue Reading »

Theme API / Custom HTML

If you have any questions, please send us a message. Every Asset in a Theme supports Limited Run's Theme API and there are two main ways to use the API: Output - {{ }} for things like {{ }}, which will output something, like Exit Records. Continue Reading »