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Resetting My Customer's Download

After your customer redeems a digital item for the first time, that digital item will expire a few days later. If a digital item has expired and your customer tries to re-download it, they'll be told that the digital item is no longer available. To reset your customer's download, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your store's admin area.
  2. Click "Sales" in the dashboard navigation.
  3. Locate your customer's order and click to expand the row.
  4. Click the gear icon on the righthand side and then click "Manage Downloads".
  5. An overlay will appear showing all of the downloads associated with that order. Below each download will be a list of that download's transactions, including each time it was downloaded, redownloaded, and reset. Across from the download's name will be a lock icon. If it's closed, you can click the lock icon to reset the download and allow your customer to redownload the item.

Note: Downloads are only available when the order is either digital only, in the unshipped state, or in the shipped state. If the order is pending or refunded, downloads aren't available. If you'd like to make the downloads available when the order's state isn't digital only, unshipped, or shipped, click the "Unlock Downloads" button that will appear in the overlay in those circumstances.