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SSL Support on Storefronts

Limited Run has full SSL support for storefronts, including:

  • · Your subdomain urls, like
  • · Your custom domain urls, like
  • · Your custom domain's root domain, like, which would redirect to

How do I get SSL on my Custom Domain?

When you create a custom domain in your store's admin settings area, we will automatically attempt to determine if your custom domain's DNS setting pointing at Once this is confirmed, we will automatically attempt to generate an SSL certificate for your custom domain, and install it into our network. As this process is happening, a status will be displayed below the Custom Domain you entered. It may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on how you've configured your DNS. We recommend confirming your DNS is properly set before entering your custom domain in your store's admin settings area.

How do I know it's working?

When you visit the https version of your storefront, you'll see a lock icon next to your URL. That means you're all set. If you see anything that refers to your site being not "fully secure". It means you are linking to images, stylesheets, javascript files, or fonts that are not coming from a secure https source location. Meaning, your SSL certificate is active and working correctly, but changes that you made to your storefront are stopping it from being completely secure. The last possible result is when you attempt to go to the https URL, you are taken to a big scary warning screen that says the site isn't secure. If you see this, please contact us at

Can I make my customers always see the secure URL?

Yes! We can enable the "Force https on storefront pages" setting. Please ensure that you've first checked that your storefront properly loads as fully secure and that all linked assets (images, stylesheets, javascript files, and fonts) are all loading properly from SSL connections. Then contact us at

Note that at some point in Q4 2019, SSL will be forced on all storefronts, so we advice resolving any issues related to loading non-https assets immediately.

What about my root domain?

We require a CNAME DNS record for any custom domain. This means your custom domain will look something like, or whatever you choose. But we also have support for root domain redirects. This means that we can forward "" to whatever you choose as your custom domain (CNAME). To enable this, please setup an A DNS record for your root domain, in addition to the CNAME DNS record, (more info here). Once your DNS is fully configured, visit your store's admin settings area, enable the "Enable support for root domain redirects" setting, and click save. Similar to automatically verifying your custom domain, generating, and installing an SSL certificate, once you enable root domain redirects, this process will also happen on your root domain DNS settings. Again, please note that it may take anywhere between a few minutes and several hours for this process to complete.

Important Note: You should only be using this if Limited Run is hosting your entire site, as well as your store. If you use this feature, and your main site is located somewhere else, it will unreachable.