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Using a Specific Category of Products on My Front Page

  1. Create the Category you'd like to use for your front page. For example, the "Featured" category.
  2. Find the URL of the Category by going to the Inventory > Gear Icon > Manage Categories section of your store's admin dashboard and clicking "View" across from the "Featured" category. Copy the end of the URL. If the URL is, then you want to copy "featured".
  3. Read our "Changing a Theme's HTML" help doc.
  4. Following the instructions in the above help doc, click "Edit" next to your Theme's "index.html" asset.
  5. Change the products loop from store.products to: {% paginate store.products by 50 %} {% for product in store.category_by_slug['featured'].products %} .... {% endfor %} {% endpaginate %}


  • The first 50 products will be shown.
  • You may want to remove {{ store.products_pagination }}