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Who is Napoleon?

Napoleon is our english bulldog. He was born in May of 2008 and spends most days sleeping in his bed, on the floor in the sun, under our desks, on the couch, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and sometimes even in closets. When he isn't sleeping, he enjoys Continue Reading »

Gift Cards

Please Note: The Gift Cards app is currently in public beta. If you have an issue, please email help at After installing the Gift Cards app from the App Store area in your Dashboard, you'll have access to two different ways of creating gi Continue Reading »

Discount Codes

Getting Started Go to the "App Store". Install the "Discount Codes" App. Go to the "Apps" > "Discounts" section of your store's admin area to get started. Terms Discount Ineligibility - A product variation marked as being "ineligible for discoun Continue Reading »

Integrating SoundCloud

Go to your store's admin area. Click "App Store". Find the "SoundCloud Integration" App and click "Install". You'll be asked to connect your SoundCloud account and will be redirected to SoundCloud. After connecting your account, you'll be redirected back Continue Reading »

Problem Sending to SoundCloud

Issues that may result in a problem sending your digital item to SoundCloud include: Your SoundCloud account has run out of minutes. Your SoundCloud account needs to be reconnected to Limited Run. SoundCloud Account Ran Out of Minutes Visit soundclo Continue Reading »

Campaign Tracking

Please Note: This app is in public beta and may change in the future. If you have any questions, please contact support. Getting Started Go to the "App Store". Install the "Campaign Tracking" App. What are Campaigns? Campaigns are a way to track sa Continue Reading »

Google Ecommerce Tracking

Google Analytics has two separate Ecommerce Tracking solutions: Standard & Enhanced. Google Analytics does not allow you to use their Standard & Enhanced tracking solutions at the same time - you have to pick one or the other. Because of this, ou Continue Reading »

Why Are My Sales Getting Automatically Refunded From PayPal?

Sometimes PayPal has an issue completing a sale because it requires you to also pay down your balance. It's a frustrating situation that's extremely rare, but it happens. The best way to solve this issue is to switch to Pay On A Schedule. This means you'l Continue Reading »

Press Inquiries & Logos

If you'd like to speak with us, just send us a message and select "Press Inquiry". We usually reply fairly quickly and would be happy to answer your questions. Logos & Branding If you need a logo, please download this zip file. It includes separate Continue Reading »